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Rotor 4-holes

Q-Ring Cyclocross QCX2 Compact size


  • €38.00 - €229.00

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Oval Q-Rings chainrings

Rotor Q Rings make cycling easier. Acidification comes later, and a wider group of muscles are beeing used.You can find a lot of this on internet. And, in the next category, we explain the noticeable difference between pedalling with round chainrings and Rotor Q Rings using pictures of spinscans.
On this pages would like to show you just what moments of the production process of the Rotor Q Rings.

Afbramen Rotor Q RingRotor Q Ring bewerkingHandcrafted Rotor Q Ringinboren schakelnippel Q Ring

Above some pictures from the factory Rotor where you can see the Q Rings, and of course the other products, are manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Each Q Ring gets his attention to finally get a perfect result.

Eindresultaat Q Ring

The end result. Rotor Q Ring. For many pleasant kilometers by bike!

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