4iii Precision Shimano Dura Ace 9000 powermeter
4iii Precision Shimano Dura Ace 9000 powermeter
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The Shimano Precision power meter (4iiii) is one of the most innovating power meters for your bike ever. Train with the power meter with the Rosiir trainingschedules.

4iiii Precision is been used by Team Quick-Step and Team Bora!

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Product Info

The 4iiii Shimano Precision power meter:

The 4iiii is the perfect power meter for your bike, this power meter can be mounted to your crankset. With the 4iiii Precision powermeter  you got everything you want in one: Exact power- and cadence meter, light weight, works with ANT+ and Bluetooth and beceause there is a 3D powermeter system is the 4iiii Precision able to measure the pressure with just 3 strain gauges. Beceause of this abbility is this a really precise and secure power meter.

Fits on a Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000 crank.
Length: 165mm.

Caracteristics Power meter:

-light weight, compact design.
-accurate met measurements. (+/- 1% precise)
-Battery life is long. (more than 100 hours with a 2032 battery!)
-Battery status indicator. (notification at 15%)-ANT+ and Bluetooth.
-user friendly 4iiii app.
-easy to use.
-data easy to read on your smartphone.

Use a power meter on your bike:

Use a schedule from your sportsdoctor or ask for it at info@rosiir.com
Or look it up at: hhtps://home.trainingpeaks.com/athletes.html

A powermeter is more than just a numbermachine. It can help you to reach your goals: To Better Your Sports. Learn to get used to use a trainingschedule to work towards a better condition. Training with power is way more precise than training with a heartbeat meter: your heartbeat can vary with your temper, nutrition and way more. Your produced power is way more constant than the data of your heartbeat meter. That is why the more serious athletes currently use a powermeter. The combination of a powermeter and a heartbeatmeter is the perfect combination!
Ask your sportsdoctor for more info.
Beceause the power meters become more affordable is it in range for way more athletes. When in the past just to professional athletes could afford a good power meter.



More information

Troubleshooter 4iiii

Troubleshooter 4iiii

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