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6d Isobuffer Sports Drink - 700 g

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Product Info

The 6d Isobuffer Sports Drink - 700 g

Acidification is an important cause of muscle fatigue during short high-intensity exercise, even when these shorter burst occur during a (prolonged) endurance event such as a cycling race or a football match. Success in these sports will greatly depend on the degree to which acidification can be delayed. Just think of the "attacks" or the final sprint in cycling races, or the many short and lengthy (consecutive) sprints that football players or hockey players complete during a match. Again, acidification is often the "party pooper" which forces the muscles to drop the pace. However, our body has a (limited) supply of "buffers", the so-called "buffer capacity", which can (partially) delay acidification during these high intensity efforts. The amount of bicarbonate in the blood has an important share in this buffer capacity. Unfortunately, the bicarbonate reserves are limited, and also decrease further when these short maximum efforts succeed each other (too) quickly. By "stack loading" these bicarbonate reserves before and during exercise, the body can further postpone this critical moment of acid overload during these decisive moments. This becomes even more important when ketone esters are also used during exercise, which are known to increase the acidity in the blood!

The "6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK" is an isotonic sports drink (327 mmol/kg), which contains 30g of carbohydrates in a 2:1 glucose:fructose ratio. This guarantees rapid absorption of both carbohydrates and fluids during exercise. The 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK distinguishes itself from "regular" isotonic sports drinks such as the 6d ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK, thanks to its "buffering" electrolytes. A sports bottle (500ml) 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK contains 4.6g sodium (+potassium) bicarbonate (= buffer). To date, the 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK is the only isotonic sports drink that can increase and maintain the buffer capacity before and during intensive (prolonged) endurance exercise.

Since sodium bicarbonate is the main bicarbonate source in this sports drink, this also results in a very high sodium content (1000mg per 500ml). The amount of sodium in this drink is comparable to the amount of sodium found in a double dose of the 6d HYDRO/ORS. As a result, the 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK also quickly replenishes salts, which are lost through sweating, during competitions in warm weather. Because of its high salt content, the intake during exercise should be limited to 500ml per hour to avoid gastrointestinal complaints. Lastly, it is also important to test this drink carefully under competitive conditions.

In summary, the 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK is the ideal sports drink during competitions where short (consecutive) high-intensity efforts are decisive, especially when the competition is often decided by a final sprint. This sports drink can also be used to (re) load the buffer capacity in preparation for and during the recovery period after a short maximal effort (0.5-5 min), and when desired also in combination with 6d SODIUM BICARBONATE. The buffer capacity of 500ml 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK is equal to 4 capsules of 6d SODIUM BICARBONATE.

Suggested use

Mix 35 g (= 2 scoops) powder with 500ml water. Drink 500ml per hour during exercise. Please do not exceed this dose. Ingestion of a high dose sodium bicarbonate can cause acute gastrointestinal complaints.

In order to take advantage of the buffering effect of the 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK, a dose of 0.3-0.4g sodium bicarbonate per kg body mass is required over a period of ~ 8 hours before and during the competition itself. For a 70kg person, this corresponds to 21-28g sodium bicarbonate. This dose can be achieved by using the 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK (before and during the competition), and when desired also in combination with 6d SODIUM BICARBONATE capsules (only before the competition). 500 ml 6d ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK contains 4.6g sodium (+potassium) bicarbonate per 500ml while 1 capsule of SODIUM BICARBONATE contains 1.125g sodium bicarbonate.


  • 30g carbohydrates
  • 2:1 carb mix
  • Buffering electrolytes
  • Alkaline pH
  • Natural flavour and colour


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