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ISM PM2.0 saddle MTB


The ISM PM2.0 is the perfect MTB bike saddle.

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Product Info


Overcome day and night the mountains with this "Bad Boy". The PM2.0 is the end result of hundreds of hours of testing with the prototypes. We picked this shape,  because we know that MTB'ers have other demands than the other bikeracers. A MTB'er uses the whole bike saddle. On the PM2.0 is enough place to shift without falling of the bike saddle. You can move forward to avoid slipping or move backwards to lift up your frontwheel. That is why the bike saddle is a little bit pointing down at the back. The sides are made of Kevlar to strength the sides.

Every ISM Seat is different from all the other bike seats from other brands. It is different in many aspects like:

- ISM seats are bike seats where you really sit on. The ISM racebikesaddles are flat, most of the other saddles are convex. Beceause this bike saddle is flatter is the place where your sacrum is on the saddle really comfortable.

- The upperside off the bike saddle is cm lower than then other bike saddles.

- The racebikesaddles has some extra beceause this seat is in fact noseless, but the saddle has to follow the rules of the UCI and the US.


  • Category: Performance
  • Length: 260 mm 
  • Width: 135 mm 
  • Padding: ISM gel and foam 
  • Rails: Chroommolybdensteel
  • Colour: Black and white
  • UCI Compliant: Yes
  • Adjustable: 100 mm
  • Suitable for MTB

Choose now for:

  • Your health
  • A better position on your bike
  • The ISM PM2.0!

The ISM PM2.0 is the ideal bike saddle for MTB'ers. Because MTB'ers have to be able to enjoy their bike rides to!

ISM seats are bikeseats with a hole or notch. Enough to relieve the weak parts of your body and seat enough to support your body for a safe ride. The ISM seats are so called noseless seats, the weaker parts of your body are not getting in contact with the seat, a relieve for both ladies and gentlemen!

The ISM PM2.0 is suitable for MTB bikes.

Medical applications:

  • Bike seat for lychen sclerose
  • Prostate seat
  • Seat for AMS( 800) prothese
  • Seat for vulva problems

Take your time to adjust this seat!

Because you are going to be seated on only your seatbones the right adjustment is slightly difficult to find then with a traditional bikeseat. Read the instruction that comes with the ISM seat end watch the vids about adjustment. 

When you have found the right position you will never want to change your bike saddle ever again! 

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