O.Symetric 104BCD singlespeedblad 34
O.Symetric 104BCD singlespeedblad 34
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O.Symetric Oval Chainring 104BCD singlespeed blade 34 (Narrow Wide)


O.Symetric oval chainrings give you 10% more power and more acceleration, and takes 10% less energy and lactate

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Product Info

This outer oval chainring of O.symetric is reco mmended for single MTB / ATB

The benefits of O.symetric oval chainrings

The oval chainrings of O.symetric are being used by Chris Froome. The reason that no more continental riders are using the oval chainrings of O.symetric is a matter of sponsor interests. But there are more reasons why you may not want to choose de oval chainrings of O.symetric.

  • +10% power
  • +10% acceleration
  • - 10% lactate production
  • Less fatigue
  • Natural pedalling / cycling
  • Triathlon: the cycle to run transition is easier

For most of the bikes is a mounting kit a must, the derailleur should move up a bit.

Why does you need to get oval chainrings of O.symetric

The oval chainrings of O.symetric are fully optimized; which means; the engineers of O.symetric looked exactly how much power the rider supplies in the crank position, the ovality of the chainring is exactly adjusted at the right moment. Besides to that is this concept has been tested in daily use for many years instead of purely ‘drawing table studies’.
With the oval chainrings of O.symetric you’ll know for sure you’ll get the best results of your pedalling and by using more muscles it has proven that the acidification (lactate production) will come later or won’t come at all.
So cycle harder with less lactate, that’s a big reason many riders have chosen the oval chainrings of O.symetric.

The negative sides of O.symetric oval chainrings

Because of the oval chainrings of O.symetric are the biggest possible oval chainrings on the market which are used on a system that is normally used for round chainrings there are some negative sides to the oval chainrings of O.symetric.

- If you’re not cycling ‘pedal to the metal’, you surely can feel the point of change from large to small oval (position ‘five to six’). This could feel annoying.

- Because of you are riding on a system that is built for round chainrings, it is possible that you lose some gears. The so-called “crooked switch” is not possible anymore, in other words: when you’re cycling on the biggest front chainring it is not possible to use the biggest back gear. Also small to small is not possible anymore.

- If you want to use all your gears and want 100% optimal gearing you can choose for the oval chainrings of Rotor (Q-rings). With the oval chainrings of O.symetric you maybe should hold the gear-adjuster a bit longer for a smooth gearchange.

The above ‘negative’ sides of O.symetric chainrings are not meant to scare. Nowadays there are thousands of cyclist who are using the oval chainrings of O.symetric. But we want to be sure you know these negative sides of O.symetric so you can make a proper decision when choosing oval chainrings. We want to get rid of all the bad online stories about the oval chainrings.
When you’re properly informed about the chainrings and thereby make the right choices will everybody cycle better and faster with oval chainrings.



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