ovale tandwielen 64BCD 4-arms binnenblad 28 Sram XO
ovale tandwielen 64BCD 4-arms binnenblad 28 Sram XO
ovale tandwielen 64BCD 4-arms binnenblad 28 Sram XO
ovale tandwielen 64BCD 4-arms binnenblad 28 Sram XO
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O.Symetric 4-arms Sram XO


O.Symetric oval chainrings give you 10% more power and more acceleration, and takes 10% less energy and lactate!

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Product Info

O.Symetric Chainring 64BCD 4-arms innerblade 28 Sram XO:

The O.symetric oval chainring gives you:

+10% power
+ more acceleration
-10% lactate
Less fatique
A more natural way of moving
Triathlon: a better transition from cycling to running
These are the same chainrings Froome is using.
For the most bikes is the montageset a must: the derailleur a bit higher.

Do's and dont's for the O.Symetric oval Chainring:

Chris Froome rides with the oval O.Symetric gear! There are not more continenal riders who ride O.Symetric beceause of the sponsor interest of the riders. But maybe they do not ride with the O.Symetric beceause of other reasons but they have never mentioned those reasons.

Why you should ride the O.Symetric oval Chainring:

The oval O.Symetric is fully optimized, this means: They tested how much power the rider gives in wich crank position and by the results they changed the ovality. Besides that is this conept tested with a lot of different riders and not like the other oval chainrings just based on drawingtablestudies. With the oval O.Symetric gearwheel you know that you get the maximum result out of your pedal movement, beceause you use more muscles on the full movement, you get 10% less lactate formation later on.

So ride faster and less lactate, so that is why you should use the oval O.Symetric chainring!

Why you should not use O.Symetric oval Chainring:

You get the most oval chainring possible in the industry, but your system bike is used to ride round chainring. And beceause of that these can be some cons:

- If you do not give your 100% you feel the transition from the big point to the small point. This can be annoying.

- Beceause you use oval chainring on a system bike wich is based on round chainring, you will lose some gears. Beceause of the so called "crooked switching" is that not possible anymore, in other words: if you are on the biggest chainring you can not use the big gear wheels on the back. And "small to small" is also not an opition anymore.

- If you want to switch 100% between gears at all times you should probably use Oval Rotor chainring. (Q-rings) With the oval O.Symetric you have to hold the adjuster sometimes a bit longer to find a good time to switch between gears.

The cons above are not to scare you off, beceause there are already a couple of thousands who enjoy and ride the oval O.Symetric gear! But it is to make clear what COULD be the cons of using O.Symetric. We want to get rid off the bad reputation of the Oval chainrings on the internet. If you get informed the right way and then make the right oval chainring, you can enjoy and ride way faster then ever before!



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