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ROTOR Q-Rings Oval 1x Singlespeed Chainring - Direct Mount


ROTOR blades are known for their high wear resistance and optimal shifting efficiency. Due to the materials used and the advanced production process, you buy optimal quality with these blades.

NOTE: For a beach bike you sometimes use MTB blades and sometimes road blades, depending on the teeth. There is a difference in price and chainline!

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Product Info

The ROTOR Q-Ring Singlespeed Direct Mount Chainring

Extra stiff and beautifully robust, the RotoR Spider ring! Placing with extra Optimum Chain Positioning to get the most out of your stair rotation.

  • - Super light: 138 grams for 50-tooth version
  • - Chainline 44.5 (road)

No loose spider, no blade bolts. This makes it extra stiff and light!

RotoR Q rings are blades that are not round, are no longer the same as the old ones and no longer resemble those of your cycling friends. Do you want to stand out from the rest and get free assets? Choose RotoR!

The new Direct Mount blades from RotoR are the perfect way to achieve this, with an ovality of 12.5% ​​you achieve your records, you get less acid and it is conducive to knee or back complaints.



Extra strength through ovality? Sounds like doping but really works differently

RotoR Aldhu 3D+

A picture in itself, very rigid and easy to install. These direct mount blades allow you to transfer your power directly to the axle of the bike and therefore directly to the blades. No bolts, nuts, screws or other ways to fix it, just the axle that is fixed. Do you want to get the most out of your pedaling motion? Choose RotoR and its ALDHU 3D + spider ring!


Of course, these blades also include a RotoR axis, the new ALDHU 3D + axis is an Aluminum 7075 CNC milled product that is the solution for this Spider ring!


A nice set of blades, a stiff axle and then of course a robust set of crank arms! Like the axle, these arms are CNC machined crank arms, produced using a Trinity Drilling System.


OCP mount, also called Optimum Chain Position, is a system that helps you position your Q rings perfectly in relation to your crank arms. Previously, the OCP system had only 3 to 5 positions, now RotoR has taken it one step further to intermediate steps with an angle of 0.25. Perfect for getting the most!

OCP mount helps with maximum power transfer and thus higher speed. In addition, an optimal blade position is conducive to knee complaints and back problems due to power delivery from the legs. How this is? By creating a perfect angle, the load is reduced and the back is also less stressed.