Saddle Especially for Seat Bones (men)


Thé saddel that's made especially for seatbas, for a comfy ride with a good fitting saddle! A special, softer, saddle with shock absortion.

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Product Info

A bycicle saddle made especially for seatbags, the padding provides a comfortable ride en offers shock absortion for the body. The padding, Memory Foam, becomes softer by your body heat. Because of this the saddle will be like your body, what's causing comfortable long rides.

- The saddle is suitable for a straight seat (city and electric bikes).
- It's a saddle that is smaller than the women version because the female's legs are further apart.
- Two-stroke shock absorption eliminates unevenness in the road.
- The extra foam in the seat ensures a soft seating position.
- There is a recess in the center giving some space to the 0-zone, this reduces the pressure to the personal area. Additionally, this open 0 zone ensures refrigeration.

272 x 213 mm