Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
Casco SPEEDairo2 white
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Casco SPEEDairo 2 Helmet Blue Neon-Yellow



A great aerodynamic bike helmet, the helmet complies with the EN 1078 safety standard.

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Product Info

The Casco Speedairo 2 bike helmet

The helmet is good to use for multiple activities in cycling. This helmet can be used well in triathlons, bicycle races, Sunday afternoon rides or during mountain biking, this helmet also does what it was made for. With the pick up or fold up visor (SPEEDmask) you can actually always use this helmet.
This is also a good helmet for skating and / or skating.

Speed ​​gain with Casco Speedairo2 through optimized aerodynamics

The speed gain can be achieved through the patented air guides and the monocoque construction. This makes the helmet extremely streamlined and the helmet is very light. The drops at the back mimic the aerodynamic drop effect and adjust to the air flow of the athlete. The Casco SPEEDairo2 RS cycling helmet is an excellent combination between aerodynamics and ventilation.

Visor to the Casco Speedairo2?

A visor, an important point when you look at safety. Why? It improves your vision! The Speedairo2 is delivered without a visor, but you can optionally order a visor. From the photochromic Vautron to the simple but effective standard visors. No less than 7 species, choose your visor here

Casco Speedairo2 with visor saved money!

The Casco Speedairo2 helmet with Vautron visor saves you prescription sports glasses (sunglasses) because usually your regular glasses fit under the visor.

Casco Speedairo2: Safety above all

"Oh well, I'm not falling" or "never done and no problems with it." Yes you will hear this when you ask someone why no helmet is worn on the racing bike or mountain bike. Nowadays, it is not allowed to start a tour, cycling race or triathlon without a good and suitable helmet. Why? Own safety. We understand that well and so do you. Nowadays you no longer fit in the group when you are not wearing a helmet, but it still offers you an extra touch of safety. That helmet, yes rather not broken but it is better that the helmet breaks that your own head, right?

What is CASCO

CASCO is a German company founded in 1989 with a focus on quality. CASCO is now one of the market leaders in various helmets, because in addition to cycling helmets, they also offer riding helmets, sunglasses or winter sports helmets. Curious about the full CASCO collection or do you want a different helmet than the one we offer? Look at for the complete collection and contact Rosiir for the possibilities.

With the CASCO philosophy and the continued development of the CASCO collection, such as the SPEEDairo, SPEEDster or the Roadster, various prizes have been won. The production of these helmets is completely European, which means that CASCO guarantees quality at all times. The production of every CASCO helmet in the factory is checked for quality, this has enabled CASCO to obtain a quality certificate (ISO 9001) and you know that you will get a top helmet!

Adaptability Casco Speedairo2

The majority of CASCO is adaptable with different color elastic (MyStyle) or a desired color visor for every cycling situation. Even with a dark visor (or others) it is possible to "flip the visor up", so you also have a clear view of the road at dark moments. The visor is fixed with two rubber bands, making it easy to replace or move.
Adjust the Casco Speedairo2

Adjusting a helmet, sometimes it is checked, sometimes absolutely not. A properly adjusted helmet offers protection, a poorly adjusted helmet is almost even more dangerous than no helmet. CASCO helmets each have their own locking system (CASCOlock) a simple but very sturdy system that closes the helmet by means of a "click". In addition to CASCOlock, the helmets have a Disk Fit Vario, which provides the adjustment options in both horizontal and vertical directions!

Benefits Casco Speedairo2 at a glance

- CASCOlock
- Disk Fit Vario
- Insect guard
- Fits with the glasses
- Flip up / removable visor


This helmet meets * the EN 1078 standard. This is a European safety standard for helmets for cyclists and users of skateboards and roller skates.

In sizes S and M, this helmet is also approved as a speed pedelec helmet (NTA-8776) and is therefore also permitted for mopeds in the Netherlands.

* tested by the renowned German testing and certification authority Tüv.

Rosiir athlete Dimitri Gelders about the Casco SPEEDairo :

I myself have been cycling with Casco for years. This year the Speedairo RS version with automatic visor. Unbelievable!! Lots of sun, no sun always perfect visibility. During training I use it without a visor, which is also possible.

This year Dimitri already won the Powerman Duathlon Alsdorf Sprint and the M40 1/4 triathlon from Geel.


NTA 8776 - Size S and M suitable for speed pedelecs and mopeds