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Casco Cuda 2 Bike Helmet White Neon Yellow


Casco Cuda 2 helmet electric bike white neon
Leather straps✅
Nice visor included✅
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Product Info

All-round safety with Casco Cuda 2 cycling helmet. Also on the electric bicycle!

This beautifully designed helmet offers safety and comfort.
- Safety partly because the helmet on the back also continues with the shape of the head. No "bulge" that can only cause neck injury, but compliant with the shape of the head, creating extra safety.
- Comfort thanks to the always comfortable fit due to the airfit system, see below for more information.

Casco Cuda 2 bicycle helmet electric bicycle.

The Casco Cuda 2 bicycle helmet not only looks good. This helmet is very suitable for the electric bicycle. More and more accidents happen on the electric bicycle. This is partly because:
- These bikes go faster.
- These bicycles are often used by the elderly who, let's face it, often give up something in terms of their ability to react. This group is also less flexible and more vulnerable.
All the more reason to switch to a good and safe bicycle helmet: The Casco Cuda 2

The Casco Cuda 2 is a good choice:

The Casco Cuda 2 is a good helmet for the electric bicycle because it gives greater protection to the head than most others. This is because the helmet continues a little further at the rear. The vulnerable neck is thus better protected.

Casco Cuda 2: helmet electric bicycle cooling!

The Cuda 2 is equipped with Airfit. This means that the helmet does not have those sweaty pads, which always give pressure in the wrong place and only irritate after long use. The Airfit means that the helmet wears on a net. On the inside is a (adjustable) net which ensures cooling over the entire head and always a pleasant seat.

Bike safely for years on an electric bike with a Casco Cuda 2 helmet!

Choose sustainability. The Casco Cuda 2 is perhaps not the cheapest helmet, but it is the best! And, also important: has great wearing comfort.Adjustability of the Casco Cuda 2 helmet.The Casco Cuda 2 is easy to adjust on every head with a handy rotary knob and easily adjustable chin-closing strap.

Cycle safely and comfortably on your electric bicycle with this beautiful Casco Cuda 2.