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Casco E.Motion 2 helmet electric bike Colour: navy casual matt


Casco E.Motion 2 helmet navy casual matt
Airfit ✅
Stylish ✅
Safe ✅

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size Casco MTBE and E.Motion
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Product Info

Stylish safety with the Casco E.Motion 2 bicycle helmet. Also on the electric bicycle

Casco E.Motion 2bicycle helmet electric bicycle.

The Casco E.Motion 2 bicycle helmet not only looks good. This helmet is very suitable for the electric bicycle. More and more accidents happen on the Electric bicycle. This is partly because:

- These bikes go faster.
- These bikes are often used by the elderly people who, let's face it, often give up something in terms of their ability to react. This group is also a bit less flexible and more vulnerable.

All the more reason to switch to a good and safe bicycle helmet: The Casco E.Motion 2; the best choice

The Casco E.Motion 2 is a good helmet for the electric bicycle because it gives greater protection to the head than most others. This is because the helmet continues a little further at the rear. The vulnerable neck is thus better protected.

Casco E.Motion 2: helmet electric bicycle with visor!

Optionally you can purchase a visor at the Casco E.Motion 2. Certainly not an unnecessary luxury!

It cycles a lot nicer. This is because you cycle a little harder, no more watery eyes on your bike. Often you can just wear your normal glasses underneath. Choose from the different option whereby the Vautron (color-coding) immediately saves the purchase of sunglasses!

Bicycle for years safely on an electric bicycle with a Casco E.Motion 2 helmet, the best choice!

Choose sustainability. The Casco E.Motion 2 is perhaps not the cheapest helmet, but it is the best! And, also important: has great wearing comfort.

Adjustability of the Casco E.Motion 2 helmet.

The Casco E.Motion 2 is easy to adjust on every head with a handy rotary knob and easily adjustable chin-closing strap.
Cycle safely and pleasantly on your electric bicycle with this beautiful Casco E.Motion 2

* tested by the renowned German testing and certification authority Tüv.

Nice and warm through the winter on the electric bicycle with the Casco E.Motion 2 helmet with ear muffs.

For the models up to and including 2019, choose these ear muffs:

Ventilation of the Casco E.Motion 2 what to open for in the "bad months"?

The Casco E.Motion 2 cover on it and it becomes a lot more pleasant.

Rosiir athlete Ruben Geys about Casco helmets:

Ear muffs

All-weather covers