Bike Saddle ISM Berkley (ISM)
Bike Saddle ISM Berkley (ISM)
Bike Saddle ISM Berkley (ISM)
Bike Saddle ISM Berkley (ISM)
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ISM Berkley Bike Saddle


The ISM Berkley is a really comfortable bike saddle, wich makes saddle problems the past.

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Product Info

The ISM Berkley

After the succes of the ISM Cruise they have created a new bike saddle wich is the ISM Berkely. This bike saddle is a little bit smaller and softer then the ISM Cruise. Beceause of its width (25 cm) and its comfortable gel padding is this a indulgence for your bottom. A really pleasant bike saddle wich makes the saddle problems dissapear. And as usual without a nose, wich makes the ISM seats so unique.

A comfortable seat that relieves the pressure on a pleasant way.

The wide saddle surface takes care for a perfect pressure distribution, the notch relieves the weaker parts of your body and the 2 noses gives enough support to control the bike.

After experiencing the seat problems of the bikers in the world, ISM knew there was a need of a problemsolving saddle. Why is it that some people can sit in a normal chair but can not enjoy their bike ride beceause of saddle problems? After asking themselfs this question they came up with the: ISM Berkley. 25cm wide and 24cm long. ISM goes there where others stop.


  • Length: 220 mm 
  • Width: 250 mm 
  • Padding: Gel
  • Rails: Chroommolybdensteel
  • Colour: Black and silver
  • Suitable for both sportive city bike and hybrid bike

Choose now for:

  • Your health
  • A better position on your bike
  • The ISM Berkley!

ISM seats are bike seats with a hole or notch. Enough to relieve the weak parts of your body and seat enough to support your body for a safe ride. The ISM seats are socalled noseless seats, the weakerparts of your body are not getting in contact with the seat, a relieve for both ladies and gentlemen!

The ISM Berkley is suitable for sportive citybike, hybrid bike

Medical applications:

  • Bike seat for lychen sclerose
  • Prostate seat
  • Seat for AMS( 800) prothese
  • Seat for vulva problems

Take your time to adjust this seat!

Because you are going to be seated on only your seatbones the right adjustment is slightly difficult to find then with a traditional bikeseat. Read the instruction that comes with the ISM seat end watch the vids about adjustment. 

When you have found the right position you will never want to change your bike saddle ever again!

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