ISM Touring  fietszadel
ISM Touring  fietszadel
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ISM Touring Bike Saddle


The ISM Touring is the bestseller from ISM, it is made for the perfect bike ride. The touring is the top recommendation by uroligists and gynecologists.

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Product Info

The ISM Touring

The ISM Touring is the outstanding best selling bike saddle!

This bike saddle helped out a lot of people with sacrum injuries! Bike saddle problems because of what so ever? With this bike saddle becomes your bike ride really comfortable and enjoyable! It is made for every biker, men or woman. Because this saddle makes your blood flow how it is supposed to flow, saddle pain problems belong to the past. Have you tried many bike saddles but no succes? Then I highly recommend you to try the Touring. This seat is created by someone who dared to think in a other way than many people in the industry. A thick layer of ISM foam makes this bike saddle the most comfortable bike saddle ever made.

This bike saddle is made for everyone who wants to enjoy there bike ride, and not just ride because you have to go from A to B. This seat is "scoled" as a prostate seat but it solves way more problems than just prostate problems.


  • Length: 180 mm 
  • Width: 200 mm 
  • Padding: Foam 
  • Rails: Chromoly
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable for both Citybike and electric bike. Sometimes used for MTB (Citry-ride) also

Choose now for:

  • Your health
  • A better position on your bike
  • The ISM Touring!

 ISM seats are bikeseats with a hole or notch. Enough to relieve the weak parts of your body and seat enough to support your body for a safe ride. The ISM seats are so-called noseless seats, the weaker parts of your body are not getting in contact with the seat, a relieve for both ladies and gentlemen!

Medical applications:

  • Bike seat for lychen sclerose
  • Prostate seat (and more)
  • Seat for AMS( 800) prothese
  • Seat for vulva problems

Take your time to adjust this seat!

Because you are going to be seated only on your seat bones the right adjustment is slightly difficult to find then with a traditional bikeseat. Read the instruction that comes with the ISM seat end watch the vids about adjustment.

When you have found the right position you will never want to change your bike saddle ever again!

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