Not good? Quick money back!

It can of course happen that after your purchase you find out that the product is not what you were looking for or what you might have had in mind. When this is the case, it is possible to return the ordered product. So please take your time to determine and test whether the purchased product really meets your needs. When you return a product we always strive to refund the amount to your account within 72 hours of receipt. Of course, the product must still be in new condition when you decide to return.

Returning saddles:

Try out the (racing) saddle for 250-300 kilometers. The saddle needs to be sat in. It is not uncommon for a (ISM) saddle to be unsatisfactory from the start, but over time there should be at least some progression. Do not force it, but build it up. It is important that you make sure that the saddle is adjusted properly, for racing saddles we provide a separate manual. If you still don't like it after these measures, we prefer to have a contact moment, maybe we have a tip.

Returning Q-rings:

For the Q-rings we have a 30-day return guarantee. This means: Just try it out, do not like it then it may just (even used) return.