fitRABBIT biologisch bietensap
fitRABBIT biologisch bietensap
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Rubenherz bio beetrootjuice+ 12 sachets


Rübenherz, the only real; concentratet organic beet juice.

Plus: pomegranatejuice, sour cherryjuice plus herbs and spices extract.

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Product Info

Bio 100% - 100% of the power of the red beet in highly concentrated form.

72%concentrated beetrootjuice*
10% concentrated pommegranatejuice*
10% concentrated sour cherryjuice*
5% herbs and spices juice
  (water, peppermint*, lemon balm*, lavender*, stinging nettle* black cumin*)
3% Acerola juice *

* from controlled organic agriculture


Nutrition per 100ml:

100 ml contain on average: each bag (85ml)% GDA *
Energy 488 kJ / 116 kcal
Fat , 0.5 g
  therof saturated fatty acid< 0.1g
carbohydrates 26g
  therof sugar 24g
protein; 2.7G
salt: 0.8g
vitamin C: 20mg (25% NRV)
potassium: 959mg (48% NRV)

The shelf life of the product is at least seven months after delivery!