Ergotec ergonomic handles against sleeping hands during cycling

Ergotec Grip MF2

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The ergonomic bargrips from Ergotec are a solution for long distance cyclists. The MF2 series has longer barends than the MF1-serie. Everything is adjustable to your comfort.

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Ergotec ergonomic handle bars with bar ends

ERGOgrip MF2

These handles are available in different variations and adjusted as desired. Ergotec also has two different formats:
- Kraton, a high-quality synthetic rubber which does not stick fast.
- Cork, antiperspirant

Different sizes

The Ergotec Grip MF2 are available in 6 different versions:

- Both sides 130mm long, for bikes without twist shifters in Kraton
- Both sides 130mm long, same as above; with a slightly thicker grip
- Both sides 130mm long, same as above; in the cork execution
- One side 130mm, one side 87mm, for bikes with one side twist shifter (gear) in Kraton
- One side 130mm, 87mm one side, same as above in cork
- Both sides 87mm, for double twist shifter gear "f vernelling i.c.m. draaibel (Gazelle) in Kraton.

Ergotec adjustable

Both the position of the side handles and the position of the palm rest are infinitely adjustable which can easily be done with an Allen key. It should simply be comfortable to sit during cycling.

Ergonomic handles what for and for whom?

The Ergotec ergonomic handles with zijgrip (barends) are there for anyone who is looking for comfort on the bike, for ATB'ers who like to have a good grip while riding. The multi-adjustable features of the ergonomic handles are the solution for many cyclists.

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