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Ergotec AHS Premium adjustable handlebar

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The ergonomic adjustable handlebar Ergotec is a delight for many. This handlebar can be adjusted in different ways so you can always find the right position. This ergonomically adjustable handlebar is a godsend for long distance cyclists.

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Ergotec ergonomic adjustable handlebar AHS Premium

This adjustable ergonomic handlebar comes in different variations and can be adjusted as desired. Ergotec also has two different colors. So you always have a good adjustable steering wheel fitting to your bike so you can comfortably cycle in your preferred riding position.

Different sizes

The Ergotec AHS Premium ergonomically adjustable handlebar comes in three different versions:

- 31.8 mm (mounting connection) in black
- 25.4 mm (mounting connection) in black
- 25.4 mm (mounting connection) in silver

Ergotec AHS Premium adjustable ergonomic handlebar

The handlebar is adjustable in many ways what allows you to find the right position for a pleasant bike ride.
- First of all the horizontal position of the adjustable steering wheel. Which adjusts to the fitting of the handlebar stem. That possibility comes with every handlbar.
- Then you can adjust the tilt of the steering wheel; towards you or away from you. Depending on the horizontal position you can still change, it can also mean more upward or downward. This option also ensures that you can fold the handlebars. Easy for the bicycle rack or in the RV!
- Finally, you can rotate the tip of the steering wheel at 360 degrees.

Ergonomic adjustable handlebar: what for and for whom?

The Ergotec ergonomic adjustable handlebar AHS Premium is for everyone who needs comfort on the bike. For eventual cyclists this is a solution since after riding for a while you may need a different position. It simply takes a short stop to adjust the handle bar - and one can prevent many complaints. Thanks to the multi-adjustable features, this ergonomic adjustable steering wheel can be the solution for many cyclists.

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