Triathlon saddle ISM PN2.1; recommended by urologists.

ISM PN2.1 saddle triathlon

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The ISM PN2.1 is a bike saddle like the PN1.1. It has the same hardness, stuffing and the same bridge. The shape is a bit different, because of the shape difference seems this saddle a bit shorter. This saddle has the famous ISM transition-hook for hanging!

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ISM PN2.1:

just like the other ISM bikesaddles does this bike saddle help you lose your saddlepain!

Of course it is true that not everyone can enjoy the same bike saddle, this is because of one simple reason: Everyone is unique! There was need for a bike saddle which gives you more comfort for a lower price.

The PN2.1 is the first saddle of this new generation wich will give you those two things. The ISM PN2.1 has a stuffing of the 40-series, the same stuffing as the Prologue. Ideal because at a Triathlon you mostly use a thin layer of shammy.

The nose of the ISM PN2.1 points a bit down, which will let the driver allow to tillt the hip around limitless. The famous ISM notch already did that of course. Because of this design there is no pressure on the noble parts.

So: The ISM PN2.1 guarentees a enjoyable and comfortable bikeride.

Category: Race-small
Length: 270mm
Width: 120mm
Weight: 393 grams
Padding: Foam and Gel
Rails: Satin Steel
Color: Black or White.
UCI Compliant: yes


Racebike saddles ISM:

all the ISM racebike saddles are superdifferent from the other brand  bike saddles, because of this reason: 
- These are saddles where you really sit on top. The ISM racebike saddles are flat on the top, the most other bike saddles for your race bike have a noddle. Because of that you have to adjust your saddle in a different way:
- The uppersite of the seat 1 centimeter lower than normal! This is because you have a noseless saddle. The length is to satisfy the rules of the UCI.

For a racebike saddle the ISM seat is a top recommendation for athletes! At the triathlon worldchampionships in Kona  ISM has been NR. 1 for a couple of years, with a huge difference from the 2nd place!

Take your time to adjust this seat!
Because you are going to be seated on your seatbones the right adjustment is slightly more difficult to find than with a traditional bikeseat. Read the instruction that comes with the ISM seat end watch the vids about adjustment. 
When you have found the right position you will never want to change your bike saddle ever again!  

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