Rotor Qring 76BCD singlespeed QX1oval chain ring/ blade
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Rotor Q-Ring 76BCD singlespeed QX1

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This Rotor Q-Ring XC1 blades are available in various sizes. These are the best chainrings you can get! Switches very easily.

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  • 30 tands
  • 32 teeth
  • 34 teeth
  • 36 teeth
  • 38 teeth

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Rotor Q-Ring 76BCD Singlespeed QX1:

This chainring is available is mutliple sizes. These are the best chainrings you can get! Switches very easily!

Beceause of the 76BCD you just choose the biggest ring possible for your bike! This chainring is made with a Narrow-Wide system. This means that the tooth are can vary between 2.25 and 3.75 thickness. This keeps the chains strict to the chainring!

-Can be used with a 9, 10 and 11 speed for Shimano and Sram.
-7075 aluminium alloy, CNC machined, adonized top-layer.
-OCP-switching system wich can change your Q-Ring system.
-Shimano Campatible.
- +/- 60 grams per set
-You will be able to find out wich position will work out the best  for you, and change, with a Rotor INpower powermeter.

Rotor Q-ring 76BCD Singlespeed QX1 available in:

36, 34, 32, 30 and 28.

Why you should choose Rotor Q-rings:

You can definitly say that you will ride faster and easier with the oval rotor chainrings. You think it is maybe beceause you think you will go faster. Maybe that is for a part true, but there were many tests wich shows us that is not just your mind. It is very logical:

- Beceause the amount of muscles you will use to go from A to B will be divided way more than every before, wich means the lactation will not be there as easily as before.
- At the point you push down you use the most power, about 90% of your power wil be used at the point of: 50 (angular degrees) to 150 (angular degrees). And at that point you want to have the biggest part of the chainring.
- The most people have (physically) the most problems at the "dead point" wich is between: 155 (angular degrees) and 210 (angular degrees). And at that point you want to have the smallest part of the chainring, beceause then you are done earlier with the hardest point.

And besides that are the Rotor Q-Rings made of the strongest material possible: 7075 alloy, strenght: T6. This guarentees the long endurance of the Q-ring, if you take care of it properly offcourse. A really fat chain will pick up sand and dirt very easily wich will decrease the endurance offcourse.


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