PowerPod Lite powermeter  (ANT+)
PowerPod Lite powermeter  (ANT+)
PowerPod Lite powermeter  (ANT+)
PowerPod Lite powermeter  (ANT+)
PowerPod Lite powermeter  (ANT+)
PowerPod Lite powermeter  (ANT+)
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PowerPod Lite V3 powermeter (ANT+)


Why bother it when it is easy? The PowerPod Lite, quick, easy and a cheap powermeter on the market! With 12 years of continuous improvement, there is the PowerPod V3 for you!

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Product Info

The Velocomp Powerpod Lite powermeter (ANT+)

In comparising with the V2, the V3 has:
A new windsensor wich improves the measurement.
A better battery-circuti wich extends the "off-time" to 3 month plus.
Always includes both ANT+ and Bluetooth.
A nice sleek aero design.

The PowerPod is a powermeter which you dont need to change your whole bike for. With the included mount you can hang the device under your handlebars or next to your TT-bars. Pair your PowerPod with your ANT cyclingcomputer/sportswatch and you're ready to go!

The PowerPod measures four different values, 800 times per second! The PowerPod measures your climbpercentage, the air resistance, acceleration and ground resistance. By using these four values in a calculation the PowerPod will provide you a accurately number of wattages!

Installation of the Powerpod V3 powermeter

As mentioned, you don't need tot replace different parts of your bike or assemble complicated packages. No, with the handlebar mount you can hang your PowerPod right under your handelbar, pair your PowerPod with a ANT cyclecomputer/sportswatch. And after that? You're good to go!

1) assemble your PowerPod with the gopro like mount
2) pair the PowerPod with your ANT cylcecomputer/sportswatch and speed sensors
3) go for a spin and start cycling with a powermeter!

Look at the bottom of this page for a short movie of the PowerPod and its use. Click here for installation instructions (PDF-download).

The software behind the Powerpod V3 powermeter

To get your ride all to the max and get afterwards serously deep and good information about your ride VeloComp developed a free to use software, called ISAAC. The ISAAC software is the brain behind your PowerPod, this software supports you to get the most out of your ride. What no other powermeter will give you, will the PowerPod combined with ISAAC provide you the most detailed information and insight information of your drive.

ISAAC for windows: download

ISAAC for mac: download

For extra support and instructions of this software you can use this download.

What's in the box?

When ordering the PowerPod you will get a mount to attach your PowerPod under your handle bar and a USB cable to charge the device or to import your riding data to your computer!