PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
PowerPod V4 Power Meter  (ANT+ and Bluetooth)
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Velocomp PowerPod V4 Power Meter (ANT+ and Bluetooth)


Why bother it when it is easy? The PowerPod V4, quick, easy and a cheap powermeter on the market! With 14 years of continuous improvement, there is the PowerPod V4 for you!

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Product Info

New for 2021, PowerPod v4 makes important improvements to the wildly popular PowerPod V3:

1. Improved performance: PowerPod v4 uses the same pitot tube used in our top-of-the line AeroPod. The pitot tube improves wind measurement accuracy in cross-winds and also improves performance in rainy conditions.
2. GPS Tracking: PowerPod V4 includes GPS Tracker feature. Works with your Android or iOS smartphone.
3. Version 8.0 firmware: incorporates all the latest performance and setup tweaks
4. PowerPod V4 works with any ANT+™ bike computer
5. PowerPod V4 works with most non-ANT+ bike computers, such as Polar and Suunto
6. PowerPod V4 works with bike computer apps on your iOS/Android smartphone


Your ANT+™ bike computer displays and records PowerPod v4 power, and other cycling measurements.

Exclusive to PowerPod v4, you can use Velocomp's free Isaac software for PC/Mac, to view detailed power, wind speed, bike speed, elevation, slope, GPS location, and more!


PowerPod v4 moves effortlessly from bike-to-bike.  Use the same PowerPod V4 with up to 4 different bikes; simply attach PowerPod V4 (and your bike computer, of course!) to the bike you're riding today.  PowerPod V4 automatically detects which bike you're riding, and readjusts its internal settings for best performance.


PowerPod not only measures how much power you produce, but WHY you are producing it.

PowerPod is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures hill slope, telling you the steepness of the hill you’re climbing.

PowerPod is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures wind speed.  On windy days you’ll not only know your power, but also the strength of the wind is you’re fighting.

And if you ride with a Garmin bike computer, our free ConnectIQ app lets you view your PowerPod V4 power, wind speed, and hill slope on your Garmin during the ride.

Installation of the Powerpod V4 Power Meter

With PowerPod V4 you don't swap-out wheels, cranks or pedals. Installation is incredibly easy:

1) Attach the PowerPod mount to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!)
2) Pair PowerPod v4 to your bike computer's ANT+™ speed or speed/cadence sensor
3) Pair your bike computer or smartphone app to PowerPod V4

Then, just ride!

The software behind the Powerpod V4 power meter

To get your ride all to the max and get afterwards serously deep and good information about your ride VeloComp developed a free to use software, called ISAAC. The ISAAC software is the brain behind your PowerPod, this software supports you to get the most out of your ride. What no other power meter will give you, will the PowerPod combined with ISAAC provide you the most detailed information and insight information of your drive.

ISAAC for windows: download

ISAAC for mac: download

For extra support and instructions of this software you can use this link.



PowerPod v4 can be configured for up to four different bike profiles. PowerPod automatically identifies which bike you're riding and switches profiles for you!


PowerPod's accurate, both-leg power measurements help cyclists of all levels make great strides in riding performance.  

If you are an a more "techie" cyclist, PowerPod v4 delivers cycling insights no other power meter can:

  • Isaac software (free download) reads PowerPod v4 ride data.  Isaac shows the basic metrics: Power, Speed, and Elevation (plus heart rate and cadence, if you also have those sensors). For advanced users, Isaac also shows gear ratio, wind speed, climbing slope, drafting analysis, braking/freewheeling/pedaling/sprinting behavior, riding efficiency and lots, lots more!
  •  Velocomp's PowerHouse Bike app for iOS and Android delivers professional-level power training workouts from renowned cycling coach Hunter Allen.
  • Did you know that sloppy bike handling is akin to carrying a few extra pounds up each and every climb?  The optional PowerStroke Upgrade analyzes your left/right and front/back pedal motion, helping pedal more smoothly and economically.  
  • In sum: PowerPod v4 provides important cycling metrics that no other power meter, at any price, can provide. Check out the chart below, which provides a complete comparison between PowerPod v4 and other power meter types.  


As you become an accomplished “power user” (pun intended), you can upgrade your PowerPod V4 to add advanced features such as power training programs from Hunter Allen and PowerStroke pedaling analysis.

Here's a chart that compares PowerPod V4 to other Velocomp products:

What's in the box with the Powerpod V4?

  • PowerPod v4 sensor
  • Pitot tube for improved wind measurement
  • GPS Tracker (requires Android/iOS app download)
  • PowerPod handlebar mount for 31.8 round handlebars, OR optional mount
  • USB charging cable (attach to computer or USB charger)