PowerPod V5 Power Meter (GPS, ANT+)

PowerPod V5 Power Meter (GPS, ANT+)


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New For 2022: PowerPod V5! All new PowerPod V5 features add to the already-impressive list of PowerPod features and benefits.

One of the most affordable power meters on the market.

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New For 2022: PowerPod V5

PowerPod V5 has new sensors, more accurate data recording, and simpler setup

  • A new 24 bit wind sensor, designed and manufactured exclusively for Velocomp, provides better and higher resolution wind measurements
  • A new 24 bit barometric pressure sensor provides more accurate elevation measurement
  • New Firmware 9 (factory installed) uses 24 bit data to deliver better power measurement accuracy
  • New Velocomp app for iOS/Android lets you set up as many as four bikes from your smartphone, without using Isaac software
  • Velocomp app also includes a bike computer screen displaying instantaneous and average power, speed, calories, distance, cadence, and also a graphical display of your zone % FTP

All new PowerPod V5 features add to the already-impressive list of PowerPod features and benefits.

One Device. All The Data.

  • High accuracy, +/- 2%, both leg measurement
  • Works with any road, mountain, time trial, gravel, and cross bike
  • Other bikes too: tandem, recumbent, folding, you name it!
  • No swapping bike components
  • Box to bike setup in 10 minutes
  • ANT+™ compatibility
  • Transmits power data to many popular iOS/Android cycling apps
  • Records your ride data for analysis in Velocomp Isaac software

Simple To Set Up

With PowerPod V5 you don't swap-out wheels, cranks or pedals. Installation is incredibly easy:

  1. Attach the PowerPod mount to your handlebars (Or with the optional mount, directly beneath your Garmin or Wahoo!)
  2. Pair PowerPod V5 to your bike computer's ANT+™ speed or speed/cadence sensor
  3. Pair your bike computer or smartphone app to PowerPod V5
  4. Perform a one-time, short out-and-back calibration ride
    Then, just ride!

Choose Your Power

The VELOCOMP power meter comes in 4 different models. Use this chart to help you learn more and compare each product.


*Requires PowerPod Lite to PowerPod ANT+™ / Smartphone UPGRADE

Lite (€299,95)
V5 (€334,95)
V5 (€449,95)
V5 (€549,95)
Both-leg power measurement
ANT+™ / smartphone compatible
Smartphone setup
Bike profiles allowed per device 1 4 4 4
Velocomp Isaac Software Analysis OPTIONAL*
Pitot tube wind measurement OPTIONAL
Powerstroke Analysis OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Live "CdA Training" mode
Live "CdA Test" mode
Isaac CdA Analysis software

What’s In The Box

  • PowerPod Sensor
  • USB cable
  • Pitot tube for improved wind measurement
  • GPS Tracker (requires Android/iOS app download)

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