PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
PowerPod V5 Power Meter
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PowerPod V5 Power Meter (GPS, ANT+)


New For 2022: the PowerPod V5! All new PowerPod V5 features add to the already-impressive list of PowerPod features and benefits.

One of the most affordable power meters on the market.

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Product Info

New For 2022: the PowerPod V5 GPS

PowerPod V5 has new sensors, more accurate data recording, and simpler setup

  • A new 24 bit wind sensor, designed and manufactured exclusively for Velocomp, provides better and higher resolution wind measurements
  • A new 24 bit barometric pressure sensor provides more accurate elevation measurement
  • New Firmware 9 (factory installed) uses 24 bit data to deliver better power measurement accuracy
  • New Velocomp app for iOS/Android lets you set up as many as four bikes from your smartphone, without using Isaac software
  • Velocomp app also includes a bike computer screen displaying instantaneous and average power, speed, calories, distance, cadence, and also a graphical display of your zone % FTP

All new PowerPod V5 features add to the already-impressive list of PowerPod features and benefits.

One Device. All The Data.

  • High accuracy, +/- 2%, both leg measurement
  • Works with any road, mountain, time trial, gravel, and cross bike
  • Other bikes too: tandem, recumbent, folding, you name it!
  • No swapping bike components
  • Box to bike setup in 10 minutes
  • ANT+™ compatibility
  • Transmits power data to many popular iOS/Android cycling apps
  • Records your ride data for analysis in Velocomp Isaac software

Simple To Set Up

With PowerPod V5 you don't swap-out wheels, cranks or pedals. Installation is incredibly easy:

  1. Attach the PowerPod mount to your handlebars (Or with the optional mount, directly beneath your Garmin or Wahoo!)
  2. Pair PowerPod V5 to your bike computer's ANT+™ speed or speed/cadence sensor
  3. Pair your bike computer or smartphone app to PowerPod V5
  4. Perform a one-time, short out-and-back calibration ride
    Then, just ride!

Choose Your Power

The VELOCOMP power meter comes in 4 different models. Use this chart to help you learn more and compare each product.


*Requires PowerPod Lite to PowerPod ANT+™ / Smartphone UPGRADE

Lite (€299,95)
V5 (€334,95)
V5 (€449,95)
V5 (€549,95)
Both-leg power measurement
ANT+™ / smartphone compatible check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Smartphone setup check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Bike profiles allowed per device 1 4 4 4
Velocomp Isaac Software Analysis OPTIONAL* check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Pitot tube wind measurement OPTIONAL check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
GPS Tracker X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 OPTIONAL check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Powerstroke Analysis X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 OPTIONAL OPTIONAL check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Live "CdA Training" mode X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Live "CdA Test" mode X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504
Isaac CdA Analysis software X_aefc9a64-4986-4890-9f5e-a6830af34cc2_16x16.png?v=1634542356 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504 check_16x16.png?v=1634541504

What’s In The Box

  • PowerPod Sensor
  • USB cable
  • Pitot tube for improved wind measurement
  • GPS Tracker (requires Android/iOS app download)