Rotor 2INpower powermeter double 110BCD
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Rotor Powermeter 2INpower double sided direct mount complete

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Rotor INpower, the powermeter in the axel of your bike. De Rotor INpower.The Powermeter of the moment

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  • 165 mm
  • 170 mm
  • 172.5 mm
  • 175 mm
  • non
  • Spiderring
  • Spider
  • Qring
  • NoQ
  • 53/39
  • 52/36
  • 50/34

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Powermetertype Rotor InPower

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Rotor 2INpower powermeter

"We wanted to create a powermeter that overcame current trends in powermetertechnology and could be transferred to other disciplines," said Pablo Carrasco, head of research and development at ROTOR and INpower's inventor. "At the same time we wanted to leverage the benefits of QRings and build a sophisticated powermeter that's fairly simple to use compared with other powermeters out there."

Succes with Rotor 2INpower power

And she succeeded!A revolutionary Powermeter that is built into the bottom bracket. Thanks to the new system, 360-degree measurement is possible. This also allows users of the Qrings to look exactly at which position the Qring should be placed. The arrow in the graph showing the software shows where your moment of force is greatest. By following the diagram below, you determine your ideal position of the Qring.Most power meters that measure at the crank / gears measure only once per second or sometimes more. But for an effective measurement, when using Qring, an almost continuous measurement is required. Then you can measure the pedal smoothness.

Rosiir athlete Sanne Swolfs about the Rotor 2INpower:

Ease of use is crucial for me, as an athlete I want to spend my time on training and rest. So not to defective technology. The crank and power meter 'in-one' is ideal in that area. Easy to charge via USB connection, and furthermore the bike computer shows the right data without any problem. Calibrating is also a matter of seconds.Even with indoor training on the rollers, the 2Inpower offers additional information via a handy app on tablet or smartphone. All data are visible in real time!I also drove a power meter in the past, but the quality difference is clearly noticeable.Very satisfied!

Rosiir athlete Sam Gyde about the Rotor 2INpower:

Rotor has always been part of my arsenal of bicycle components. I have been driving for 2 seasons with the 2inpower power meter and am very satisfied with it: accurate, rechargeable, insensitive to temperature fluctuations and a handsome look. Especially in combination with Q / QXL rings where I have been driving for years.Sam won this year's IMTX (Iron Man Texas)