Rotor crankset REX2.1 ATB Singlespeed
Rotor crankset REX2.1 ATB Singlespeed
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ROTOR REX2.1 ATB Singlespeed Crank Set - 170 mm


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ROTOR crankset REX2.1 ATB singlespeed. Top quality, superstiff yet super light. Aluminium crank and a steel shaft. Fits in a standard 30mm bearing.

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Product Info

The ROTOR REX2.1 ATB Singlespeed Crank Set - 170 mm

Rotor crankset REX2.1 ATB singlespeed. Top quality, superstiff yet super light. Aluminium crank and a steel shaft. Fits in a standard 30mm bearing.

- 30mm steel shaft.
- Material: 7055 aluminium.
- Delivered with Rotor blade bolts

The Rotor cranks gives you the top quality you want, loved by many athletes. The 7055 alloy gives the cranks the optimal sitffness but is still super light! This is the lightest crank in this pricecatergory.

Technique behind a Rotor crankset:

The Rotor cranksets (except the 3D30 and the REX2 series) are made of a forgedalumimium in a 7055 alloy. This alloy is ideal for cranksets, This is the stiffest but yet lightest material. The stiffest cranksets ever are made with this alloy.
The cranks from Rotor are also wider than the most other cranks. This gives you more stiffness in the crank. The capacity of a beam is for the most part in the highest part of the beam. This same principle on a crank: the stiffness of the crank is in the width of the crankset.
The most other companies make a smaller part in the crank wich will help them lose a couple more grams, but Rotor does it in a very unique and different way! To save some more grams Rotor uses the Trinity Drilling System. This means that every crank goes trough a special machine and drills, with a special technique, trough the length of the crank. This way the crank keeps its strength and width but is still super light!

The Design of a Rotor Crank:

The first thing you notice is the industrial look of a Rotor crankset. This makes Rotor so special and outstanding! This is a gem for your bike, you are different than everybody else and you want to show that! You do not just show that you have taste for style but that you also choose for: Top quality, technique and durability. With Rotor you upgrade your bike. This is why a lot of topathletes choose for Rotor cranksets!

Specifications and interchangeability of a Rotor crank:

Rotor uses two shaft sizes: 24mm and 30mm. The 24mm shafts are compatible with the most used bearing. For example: all the Shimano Cranksets have a 24mm shaft. The Rotor cranks fit in this bearing!

The cranks with a 30mm shaft (Rotor 3D30, Rotor 3D+. Rotor INpower, Rotor 2INpower, Rotor Flow, Rotor REX1 and the Rotor REX2) have a more stiff construction than the cranks with a 24mm shaft. Beceause of the Rotor UBB (Universal Bottom Bracket) system does the 300mm shafts fit in virtually every bike. Accept the "Trek" bikes, Those bikes work with a BB90 bracket, but there is no bearing wich will fit in those bikes. Rotor has for every bike possible a fitting bearing!


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