TRP Spyre disc brake, cable-operated for beach- racing bike and MTB

TRP Spyre discbrake race/mtb 140mm cable operated rear


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TRP disc brakes are well-knowed for their perfect and accurate operation. Loved by cyclists, beach biking, cyclocross and MTB. The TRP Spyre is an easy to assemble brake with dual-piston-action and properly functioning cable.

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The TRP Spyre disc

The TRP Spyre disc brake is actuated cable, so it can run on the normal system. You do not have anything to build and yet you have this a working disc. Accurate, fast-acting, exactly what you expect from a good brake. No more problems with hot wheels, ripping wheels, sloping tubes and the like in downhill. Always accurate braking even in bad weather. and may the UCI.

Flat mount standard for disc brake mounting

The standard developed by Shimano seems to be the standard / are for mounting disc. H.o.h the distance of the screws is 35 mm. This set is suitable for, and this set there can also be combined with the TRP adapters

Including 140mm disc and mounting bolts

TRP Spyre before black

TRP is a brand that delivers high-end brakes that are also used by professional programs. TRP products are characterized by an attractive design, sturdy design and good durability / price / quality.

This set is suitable for flat-mount assembly. in other words:
Your fork is already suitable for flat mount assembly: prepared because there are two tabs on as shown in the picture. Assembly is very simple.

Set comes with brake pads.

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