Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT mini bikecomputer

Wahoo FItness ELEMNT mini bikecomputer


New product

The elemnt, but slightly smaller! After a great success of the Wahoo Wahoo Fitness Shop presents elemnt hereby elemnt mini, the perfect bike computer!

The elemnt mini comes with a free Wahoo Speed Sensor.

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Data sheet

Height 58.4 mm
Width 41.0 mm
Depth 17.0 mm
Weight 31 grams

More info

Wahoo Fitness has renewed the elemnt in this case is that a smaller version of the previous one and can install as simple as the wahoo elemnt itself! The elemnt mini can be combined with ANT + and Bluetooth velocity, cadence and heart rate monitors.
With a weight of only 31 grams, this is a very light bike computer which can be combined with your phone and that too you follow through GPS!


The elemnt mini is easy to "pair" with the RPM speed sensor to display speed, distance and time without a phone! In addition to the RPM speed it is easy to combine with other sensors elemnt Mini without phone!

Download, connect and configure the Mini quick and easy to download to your smartphone through the Wahoo app and scan the QR code.

Phone modus

The elemnt mini can be combined with any ANT + and Bluetooth 4.0 sensors, including within the elemnt mini to connecten with your Smartphone you will receive incoming calls on the elemnt mini screen and get your received messages as a 'pop-up'.

Also, the live tracking at this elemnt again possible, simply connect your Smartphone with the elemnt mini and you may follow your cycling friends! In addition to this possibility elemnt these rides will upload directly to your favorite accounts like Strava, Training Peaks and many more.

Your elemnt mini ride

Connect your elemnt mini with your phone or use the "phone-free" mode with your RPM speed sensor (and multiple accessories. These two options do have a few differences, look for it to 'free mode phone vs. phone mode below.
Start your ride, bike or paddle a round or two nice quiet few kilometers! At the end of your ride you get an overview of your homemade mileage and all related information, also nice to put back on Strava and share with all your cycling friends.

Phone free mode vs Phone mode

Phone-Free mode Phone mode Phone + Sensor
Heart Rate
Summary Data
GPS Ride Tracking
Full File Data


Simply the elemnt mini is a great addition to your road bike or mountain bike, use it with your phone and get even more out!

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