Wahoo Fitness ELEMENT ROAM GPS bike computer (2022)

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT ROAM bike computer (2022)


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The Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM is the new bike computer 4.0! It has ANT+ and bluetooth 4.0. Connect with every BTE and ANT+ device and you'll have your info on a nice full-colour 2.7" GorillaGlass screen

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 Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT ROAM

The new bike computer from Wahoo Fitness.
Similar to the ELEMNT Bolt, but even better!
First of all, what has remained the same compared to the very popular ELEMNT Bolt:

- The same possibilities with regard to connection to other sensors such as heart rate monitors, power meters, etc.
- The same aerodynamic design as the ELEMNT Bolt. Just a little bit bigger
- The same easy accessibility as the ELEMNT Bolt through the Wahoo ELEMNT app. So set screen, provide values, upload routes, newest firmware .... etc.

What's new about the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam?

The following is new:

Gorilla glass screen ELEMNT Roam

The ELEMNT Roam has a larger screen (2.7 ") than the ELEMNT Bolt. And the screen is from Gorillaglass, the same as many smartphones are equipped with.
Now that we have the comparison with smartphones; The ELEMNT Roam has the screen flat with the top, not deepened like the ELEMNT Bolt and the ELEMNT. The LCD screen is also glued to the glass, which reduces the chance of mirroring and increases clarity. No touchscreen by the way.

ELEMNT Roam navigation improvements

Many improvements compared to the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt are in the navigation options:

- Route-to-start option. Imagine agreeing to cycle a certain route with a group. This option gives you navigation to the starting point of that route.

- Back-to-Track option

- Back-to-Start option

- Saved-locations option

- Extra zoom options on the routes

Other plus points Wahoo ELEMNT Roam

- There is a light sensor on the screen. When you get into a dark environment, the intent of the screen changes to make it more visible.
- Altitude information routes made via the app!
- Strava turn-by-turn routing

Wahoo ELEMNT Roam and Aerodynamics

The ELEMNT Roam is a huge improvement on the bike computers, it has a very aerodynamic shape so that you can eliminate even more resistance. The mount has an integrated mount that allows the headwind to fly tightly past the ELEMNT Roam. Compared to its competitor, the ELEMNT Roam reduces headwinds by at least 50%!

The ELEMNT Roam has been specially designed for a tilt of 6% in order to eliminate air resistance even better.

Wahoo ELEMNT Roam in use

Just like the original ELEMNT Bolt, the ELEMNT Roam is simple to install via your phone, the app allows you to scan the code and your ELEMNT Roam is linked to your Smartphone. Through your phone you can enter all your screens as you wish, so the ELEMNT Roam can give you directions, give your phone notifications, show the heart rate or wattage or show the Strava Segments so that you know when you can start popping!

The ELEMNT is well-arranged and you can show multiple values ​​on the screen, which is colored black and white for extra clarity. It is possible to vary the screens from 2 to 8 values ​​to keep track of your entire ride.

Below the screen of the ELEMNT Roam there are three 'smart buttons', easily pressed buttons that help you to navigate through your pages quickly.

Wahoo ELEMNT Roam; Stay connected

Look, follow and share wherever the ride takes you! The ELEMNT Roam can be connected with force gauges, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, muscle oxygen devices and with electronic switching systems.

In addition to these devices, it is also possible to receive your messages on your ELEMNT Roam, super handy to read a message during your ride that can be quite useful for you ("Your keys are under the mat or behind the flower pot;), fine ride!"). In addition, fellow #wahooligans can follow you on their own ELEMNT so that you can possibly cycle together or find each other again in the event of a wrong turn.

Navigation on the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam

Simply import a route from strava, ride with GPS or via komoot. Receive an email with the ride next time and import it directly to your ELEMNT with just one click!

The 'take me anywhere' option is also handy for the rides of the day, indicate your location and cycle a ride that the ELEMNT bolt maps out for you, nice and easy right?

Follow-me on the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam

Just like on the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt you can also follow the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam through the "Follow-me" option.

What will the ELEMNT ROAM  give you:


This will make reading your data on your bike super easy!! This is a super innovative and new bike computer!

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ELEMNT update


Wahoo heeft onlangs een nieuwe update toegevoegd genaamd de ELEMNT Summit Feature. ELEMNT Summit introduceert een klimfunctie in de ELEMNT fietscomputers. Zo kunnen gebruikers voortaan worden voorzien van gegevens over beklimmingen zodat ze optimaal kunnen blijven presteren!


Wat is inbegrepen in de Summit update:

  • Nieuw gegevensveld
    - Beschikbaar op ELEMNT ROAM en BOLT 2 (op devices met kleurenscherm)
  • Bestaande hoogtegrafiek in kleur in 10m segmenten
    - Beschikbaar op ELEMNT ROAM en BOLT 2 (op devices met kleurenscherm)
    - Gebruiker moet een route hebben geladen
  • Hoogtegrafiek in kleur op Strava Live Segments
    - Beschikbaar op ELEMNT ROAM en BOLT 2 (op devices met kleurenscherm)
    - Gebruiker moet Strava Segments in favorieten hebben
  • Voeg resterende hoogtes toe aan de cue sheet van de route
    - Beschikbaar op alle devices
    - Gebruiker moet een route hebben geladen

Daarnaast kan een gebruiker kiezen of hij of zij het nieuwe gekleurde gegevensveld met gradaties, of het niet-gekleurde gegevensveld wil gebruiken. Het gegevensveld zal na de update automatisch worden omgezet naar de gekleurde versie, dit kan via de ELEMNT Companion app worden gewijzigd.


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