Wahoo Fitness KICKR Snap Power Trainer

Wahoo Fitness KICKR Snap Power Trainer


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The  best wheel-on design trainer in the world. Wahoo succeeded in bringing the real road-feeling to you attic or basement. Combined with a perfect powerindication you're going to buy your best product off this years.

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The Wahoo KICKR SNAP makes indoor training a "snap!" It's a convenient, easy to set-up wheel-on smart trainer with the realistic ride experience Wahoo smart trainers are known for. The SNAP's legendary flywheel features technology that creates the same resistance experienced when riding outdoors. Plus, no other indoor bike trainer has more software training options, including Zwift and Trainer Road. The KICKR SNAP now includes LED lights for connection status, third party power meter support, and the power measurement is now accurate up to +/-3%.


SNAP’s wheel-on design makes it easy to turn your regular road or mountain bike into a powerful indoor Smart Trainer.


Like KICKR, the SNAP bike trainer uses your smartphone, tablet or computer to control resistance and provide a reliable power measurement so you can monitor and adjust your intensity.


Made from high strength carbon steel and featuring a wide stance, the SNAP indoor trainer is designed to keep its feet firmly planted on the floor and your bike securely locked in so you can train with confidence.


Discover why the Wahoo KICKR SNAP is the choice of SRAM/Canyon and other cyclists dominating the podium.

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