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  • € 94,96 In stock

    1x aero 110x4 spider mount Q RINGS® oval ring provide minimal air resistance, reduces drag and allows you to pedal faster with less effort. They are compatible with all ROTOR modular road cranks and power meters including 2INpower, INspider, INpower, ALHDU and VEGAST. Compatible with 110x4 Spider and Aero Mas Spider.

    € 94,96
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  • € 129,59 In stock

    Shimano® took an early lead in the gravel category when it introduced its dedicated GRX groupset for gravel. Not one to follow, ROTOR quickly caught up with compatible 48/31 and 46/30 Q RINGS combinations with BCD 110/80x4 for Shimano® GRX cranks.

    € 129,59
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  • € 107,40 Shipped in 2 weeks

    RotoR blades are known for their high wear resistance and optimal shifting efficiency. Due to the materials used and the advanced production process, you buy optimal quality with these blades. NOTE: For a beach bike you sometimes use MTB blades and sometimes road blades, depending on the teeth. There is a difference in price and chainline!

    € 107,40
    Shipped in 2 weeks
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items