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  • € 239,00 on stock

    One of the bike computer of the elemnt series, a great addition to the bike with extra aerodynamics! ON STOCK

    € 239,00
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  • € 284,95 on stock

    The best helmet in the Speed series Bike helmet with visor Casco SPEEDairo white - black A great aerodynamic bike helmet with visor, the helmet complies with the EN 1078 safety standard.

    € 284,95
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  • € 299,90 In Stock

    Rotor invented a new system: Rotor ALDHU in wich you can compose your own crank.Durable, superlight en beautifull.Compose you own crank from 150mm up to 175mm.

    € 299,90
    In Stock
  • € 199,95 on stock

    Based on the PN shaped and with the additional feedback from a few world-famous triathlets we now have a very different shaped ISM saddle wich will feel so comfortable in the TT-position like you've never experienced before. Invest in your health!

    € 199,95
    on stock
  • € 349,95 shipped in 2 weeks

    Why bother it when it is easy? The PowerPod, quick, easy and a cheap powermeter on the market! With 12 years of continuous improvement, there is the PowerPod ANT for you!

    € 349,95
    shipped in 2 weeks
  • € 395,00 Levertijd 3 tot 4 werkdagen

    Voordelige Vermogensmeter in ruil voor data Bij Team Zwatt hebben ze het concept bedacht om voordelig een vermogensmeter aan te kunnen bieden wanneer u hen kunt voorzien van data gegenereerd met deze meter. Lees in de lange beschrijving hoe het precies werkt! (DATA VERLENING NIET VERPLICHT ook zonder data verlening is deze vermogensmeter voordelig te...

    € 395,00
    Levertijd 3 tot 4 werkdagen
  • € 799,00 shipped in 1-2 weeks

    Assioma DUO Power meter with sensors on both pedals. The best choice to take fulladvantage of the real dual-sided measurement.

    € 799,00
    shipped in 1-2 weeks