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ROTOR ALDHU24 Crank Arms


Rotor invented a new system: Rotor ALDHU24 in wich you can compose your own crank.
Durable, superlight en beautifull.
Compose you own crank from 155mm up to 175mm.

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Product Info

The ROTOR ALDHU24 crank system

With Rotor 24you can compose your own crankset. Wether you like the lightest option with spiderring or you like to change your Rotor chainrings like you're used to. Maybe you like to change you crankarmlength according to the circumstances. With the new Rotor ALDHU system this is al possible.

ROTOR innovates! ✅light crankset ✅super stiff ✅ excelent design

A complete set 172.5 mm weighs only 641 gram.

ROTOR ALDHU24 cranks

Compose your one Rotor ALDHU24 crank. Starts with the crankarms. Available in  155mm,  165mm, 170mm, 12.5mm and 175mm!

The Rotor ALDHU24 crank are made according to the Rotor 3D + system, ie extruded aluminum so that the aluminum molecules of these cranks are close and straight together, which gives the crank a noticeable stiffness.Almost no more power is lost in bending soft material: A much more direct transfer of your power to the chain.

Weight crankarms 172.5mm: 355 gram (incl bolts)

ROTOR ALDHU24 spiderring or chainrings with spider

So choose what you prefer. As light and stiff as possible ?: Choose the ALDHU spidering (Qring or NoQ = round)

To remain flexible and to be able to replace your sheets separately: choose an ALDHU spider with loose sheets.

Available in:

  • 53/39
  • 52/36
  • 50/34
  • 48/32
  • 46/30

Weight Spider ring Qring (52/36): 88 grams

Weight outside leaf Qring 52 teeth: 6 grams

Weight inside leaf Qring 36 teeth: 27 grams

Weight spider: 52 grams

Weight of blade bolts (sitting at spider): 8 grams

As can clearly be seen on the photo of the loose spider, the new ALDHU system is multi-adjustable.So there are no more 4-5 adjustment options on the Qrings, but you can adjust the entire spider to the correct position!


The ALDHU 24 crank arms only fit on the ALDHU24 axle. The other ALDHU axles are 30 mm.

Advantage of this system: it fits in the current bearings if you are now riding Shimano. Shimano always has 24 mm axles.