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All ROTOR BB30 bearings


ROTOR bottom bracket bearing set suitable for BB30 frames. Suitable for ATB and road. 24mm axle and 30mm axle! So also 24mm axle in BB30!

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Product Info

ROTOR Bearings Road Bike

Here you can choose between the different BB30 bearings from Rotor. In total Rotor has6 types of BB30 bearings.

Here at a glance:

  • BB30 to24 steel
  • BB30 to24 ceramic

These are suitable for the 3D24 series and for other brands with a 24mm axle!

  • BB30 to24 steel ATB
  • BB30 to 24 ceramic ATB

These are suitable for the REX3 series and for other brands with a 24mm axle!

  • BB30 steel
  • BB30 ceramic

These are suitable for the REX3 series, the Flow, the 3D+, the 3D30 and all Powers and INpowers.

The ROTOR UBB system

To get all cranks to fit in as many bikes as possible, Rotor has developed the unique UBB system. UBB stands for Universal Bottom Bracket. The term says it all, the right solution for every situation. Thus, with the UBB system, any crankset will fit virtually any bike, whether BB30, BSA, ITA, BB89, BB86 BBright, BBright EVO and Pressfit.

Rotor, like many other brands, works with 2 axle thicknesses, 24mm and 30mm. The 24mm axles are compatible with most commonly used bearings. Example: all Shimano cranksets have a 24mm axle. The Rotor 24mm cranks fit these bearings.

The cranks with 30mm shafts (Rotor 3D30, Rotor 3D+, Rotor INpower, Rotor 2INpower, Rotor Flow, Rotor REX1 and Rotor REX2) have a stiffer construction than the cranks with a 24mm shaft. Because of the Rotor UBB (Universal Bottom Bracket) system, the 30mm axles fit virtually any bicycle except Trek bikes, which use a BB90 bracket that does not have a suitable bearing. So for every bike Rotor has a suitable bearing.

Rosiir is d̩ supplier to many institutes, trainers, coaches and sports doctors, including: Bakala, Energy Lab, Guido Vroemen, SMA and many others. Rest assured, your order is in good hands with Rosiir.

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