Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bolt Stealth Bike Computer

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bolt Stealth Bike Computer


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One of the bike computer of the elemnt series, a great addition to the bike with extra aerodynamics!

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Data sheet

Height 74.6 mm
Width 47.3 mm
Depth 22.1 mm
Weight 62 grams

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Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bolt

Wahoo Fitness has a nice extension bolt with her elemnt, a slightly smaller version as the wahoo Elment itself. The Strava live segments and easy connection to the Smartphone can not miss here!

The elemnt bolt is designed for performance and designed for its simplicity, clear, additional aerodynamic and super easy to use.


The elemnt bolt is a huge improvement on the bike computers, it has a very aerodynamic shape so you can eliminate even more resistance. The mount has an integrated mount so that the wind can fly tight along the elemnt. Compared to its competitor, the elemnt reduces bolt headwind at least 50%!

Elemnt the bolt is specifically designed for a tilt of 6% in order to work better road drag.

ELEMNT bolt in use

Like the original elemnt the elemnt bolt easy to install using your phone through the app, you can scan the code and your elemnt bolt attached to your Smartphone. Using your phone lets you enter all your screens to your liking, so you can bolt the elemnt give directions, give your phone notifications, heart rate or wattage show or show the Strava segments so you know when to go pop!

The elemnt is clear and you can show multiple values ​​on the screen, which is colored black and white for added clarity. It is possible to vary the screens of 2 to 8 values ​​in order to be able to keep your full ride in the holes.

Under the bolt elemnt screen are three "smart buttons", easily compressible buttons that help you quickly navigate through your pages.

Stay connected

Look, follow and share where you ride even brings them to! The elemnt bolt can be connected with power meters, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, muscle oxygen devices and electronic circuitry.

In addition to these devices, it is possible for you bolt to receive messages on your elemnt, super convenient to read a message while you ride that can be quite useful to you ( "Your keys are under the mat or behind the flower pot;), fine ride!"). In addition, co #wahooligans you follow their own elemnt so you may still can cycle or can find each other again together at a wrong turn.


Simply import a route from strava, ride with GPS or through komoot. Receive an email with the drive next time and import them directly into your elemnt with just one click!

Also, the 'take me anywhere "option convenient for the rides of the day, give your location to a bike and ride the elemnt bolt orchestrate for you, easy right?

All in all, the elemnt bolt a value addition to your cycling where every rider can benefit from having a super aerodynamic shape, a clear display and easy to use too!


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